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Benefits of
N5Air Sanitizer


Sanitize the airspace of classrooms and multiuse areas.


Sanitize the airspace of hotels, restaurants and bars.


Sanitize the airspace of offices, conference room and production studios.


Sanitize the airspace of a hospital, private practice or walk-in clinic.


Sanitize the airspace of plane, trains and automobiles.


Sanitize the airspace of plane, trains and automobiles.

Find the best N5Air solution
for your sanitization needs

Protect Restaurants, Offices, Classrooms and Businesses

Employees and visitors can feel safe returning to the office, knowing they are in an environment with continuously cleansed pathogen-free air.

Create Virus-Free Zones In Your Home

Because the N5Air Towers use UVC light, you need not worry about ozone, harmful chemicals or residues. Use N5Air Towers to protect your central living spaces.

N5Air Business / Residential Sanitizers

N5Air Towers are designed to enhance and completely sanitize your indoor air space, rapidly creating Virus-Free Safe Zones.