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Universal Vaccine: Look into the Future

Universal Vaccine: Look into the Future

HYPOTHESIS: UV sanitizers can deactivate any airborne viruses and produce immunogenic air serving as Universal Vaccine


  1. UV deactivates virus RNA making viruses incapable of self-replication in host cells.
  2. The signature properties of the viruses remain intact after UV irradiation, so the viruses are still capable of triggering the human immune system that starts generating antibodies: the irradiated viruses play the role of a traditional vaccine.
  3. The UV-produced “immunogenic air” carrying the irradiated viruses, functions as a Universal Vaccine (Uni-V) for all types of viruses: seasonal flus, returning pandemics, new strains, or variants.
  4. Inoculate provided by the Uni-V will eliminate the need for continuous development of vaccines targeting everchanging viruses.
  5. Uni-V does not need special handling: it is administered naturally through normal breathing of the immunogenic air.
  6. Long term implications of Uni-V inoculation, if proven effective, are immeasurable from the vintage points of economics and improvement of quality of life.

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