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N5Air: The Key To A Virus-Free Space

A mobile sanitization machine that harnesses the untapped power of UVC light to create a pathogen free indoor environment.

How the N5Air Tower Works

After extensive research and long hours of brainstorming with our team, we created a solution, the N5Air Tower: a mobile air sanitizing machine. It is encased in stylish aluminum and is about three feet tall with a footprint of 10” x 10.” A fan at the top of the tower pulls in the ambient air from the room. This air is then routed to the virus killing chamber where it is exposed to sterilizing UVC light. The air travels at a speed that keeps it exposed to the UVC light for just over two seconds, long enough to kill 99.9% of the viruses.  The air is then pumped out of the tower and back into the room. The tower stays on continuously, providing a steady flow of virus-free air.

In under 30 minutes, our Tall Tower can sterilize a 750 square-foot space, and our Small Tower can do it for spaces of up to 400 square-feet. On top of that, our specially designed virus killing chamber magnifies the disinfecting UVC light’s intensity so that you get double the sterilization with half the power.

The N5Air Towers use only UVC light to accomplish their task. There is no ozone, no chemicals, no residue. Your space—a home, classroom, business or restaurant–is safe from the threat of dangerous viruses.

Harnessing UVC Light to Create Virus-Free Zones

Scientists around the globe have known that UVC light, a type of ultraviolet light produced by the sun, can wipe out all viruses in its range. The N5Air Tower, a mobile sanitization machine, harnesses the untapped power of UVC light to create a virus-free, COVID-free indoor environment.

At low levels UVC light poses little harm to humans. For years, it has been used in hospitals to kill pathogens. It has also been proven to kill all airborne viruses, including SARS-Cov-2.

Lev Neymotin, the president and CEO of N5Air, is well-versed in this science. Lev, a nuclear scientist who has a doctorate in mechanical engineering, found UVC light to be the best and most effective way to kill the virus and end its rule over our indoor life.

The Most Cost Effective Solution On The Market

N5Air Business / Residential Sanitizers

N5Air Towers are designed to enhance and completely sanitize your indoor air space, rapidly creating Virus-Free Safe Zones.